Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Real TRUTH About AmeriCorps (and yes, AmeriCorps does Suck for many unlucky people)

Heather over at is a stupid, uneducated, hot tempered loser bitch that is full of herself, hypocitical, and doesn't know the real truth.

You CAN quit/totally abandon AmeriCorps and get a federal, government, or state job. These myths need to be dispelled for former AmeriCorps volunteers not being about to get government jobs if they just pick up and leave AmeriCorps without any formal notice. AmeriCorps is VOLUNTEERING and NOT a JOB. If you find another job, just quit. If you fill out the paper work, then fine. If not, it DOESN'T MATTER because AmeriCorps is VOLUNTEERING and not a JOB. As long as you didn't commit a felony, have decent credit, and pay your taxes, anyone can get a federal job.

AmeriCorps does suck and it is just craptacular; just a waste of tax payers money. If you were able to get into an awesome site with a supervisor that gives a care about the agency and what you have to say, kudos to you. If you were like the rest of us that got screwed over with just absolutely retarded, uneducated, and uncaring supervisors and staff, I feel your pain.